Curious. Playful. Human.

Breathe new life into your brand with intentional, empathetic messaging crafted to foster a powerful and lasting relationship between you and your audience.

Global Segmentation

Creative assets crafted to further the socialization of a new consumer segmentation framework based on beauty and shopping preferences.

Employee Engagement

An ebook designed to showcase how Microsoft Viva can empower your organization to improve productivity and increase employee satisfaction.

What my resume leaves out

I live in Boise with Philomena, a three-year-old Lynx Point Siamese, and like her, I’m an indoor cat. I spend a lot of my time on hobbies that exercise my imagination, teach me something new, or let me solve a challenge. I love to read and write stories, play open-world video games, and solve word puzzles. I’m teaching myself to knit and working my way through the Google certificate course in UX design through Coursera. My favorite food is buffalo sauce. I’ve never met a pen or notebook I didn’t want to keep.